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pushing the boundaries of landscape and our existence

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Found Space/s is a video series within a loosely constructed cultural travel theme. Each episode of the series will focus on a different theme while focusing on questioning and pushing boundaries, the boundaries of how we live, who we are, why we are here, and what we create.  

The main concept of the series is to seek out different aspects of art, photography, landscape, architecture, cultural travel, politics, nomadic, and spiritual, parts of life.

The series is not only a celebration of life in our Universe, but also a celebration of the quiet spaces that will be found along the way. The intentions are to have conversations with artists, musicians, photographers, writers, shamans, mystics, and even scientists and politicians, in their work space, their home space, their landscape while including beautiful landscape and urban photography as well as local color (literally, color) in each episode.

Kimberly Kradel



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Things are still being pulled together - camera equipment and tech as well as the rig that will be the home on the road - and all of these need funding.

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