Mt. Shasta just after the sunrise.


A little over a year ago I set up this web site in anticipation of a new project I was creating. It was going to be a new video series celebrating life on the planet through culture, architecture and alternative lifestyles, music, politics and science, created as I moved about the planet in a Ford E250 van that I had converted into a live/work studio on wheels. Vanlife was initially not going to be a part of this site – it was just a means to explore places off the grid and not worry about having a place to stay. This web site was meant to be a sort of time capsule, a way of documenting the time right before the coming changes of climate, politics, and awakening that I had a feeling was just on the other side of a portal that we would collectively be walking through soon enough.

Fast forward a year. The Ford was stolen and destroyed just as I was getting ready to hit the road (within days) in January 2019. I lost everything I owned for day to day living and creating, including my camera gear. All of my projects were put on hold and I moved back into The Escape Pod, my 1971 VW tin-top bus with my old bed and a few bits of clothing and blankets that were left behind by the thieves.

Now. Our climate is in the first throes of massively changing, our politics are collapsing our governments around the world, and we are currently sheltering in place through a pandemic, divided by how this should be dealt with.

Now my focus for this web site has shifted a little.

My first posts will be about vanlife as I am and have been living it, as an alternative lifestyle. Not something I was originally planning on writing about – but something that has become very popular over the past few years and even more so now that everyone’s living situations are in flux. I still want this web site to be about celebration. Celebration and how-to and looking forward through the shift to our new paradigm of life.

I will start there and see where this goes. I still want to travel, explore, and find space/s and people and landscapes to write about. I don’t know when that phase can begin, but it’s still on the burner.

So. I hope you enjoy the site, and watching it grow, and feel free to join the community and share your ideas on the topics this site covers.

Kimberly Kradel

Artist. Writer. Photographer. 40-years a Vanlifer.

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